Programme Areas

You may be surprised to learn that the skills, knowledge and learning you attained through ‘the school of life’, can correspond to some career-changing qualifications.

Capable NZ can assist you to be assessed for, or gain, nearly any qualification available at Otago Polytechnic using two pathways:

Independent Learning Pathways (ILP)
Enable your staff to gain a formal qualification that reflects their years of experience - and see their commitment and motivation soar.

Work-based Learning
Get your employees to embark on a project that both directly benefits your company and gives them a qualification upon completion.

What can you study through Capable NZ?

Most programmes available at Otago Polytechnic can be assessed through Capable NZ, from certificates through to postgraduate degrees. Currently, the most popular degree, masters and graduate diploma programmes for people using the services of Capable NZ are:

Can Capable NZ help you?

You may be interested in being assessed for a qualification that is not here – such as Construction, Engineering; Art and Design; Hospitality; and Veterinary Nursing. We can help you gain qualifications in all of these and more – just get in touch!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Find out more about Capable NZ programmes, applying, the assessment process and more in our Frequently Asked Questions page.