Doctor of Professional Practice

Doctor of Professional Practice

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Course information

Full-time per course (three courses): $8,468.00; Part-time per course (three courses): $4,365.00. You will also be charged a levy of $266 per year which covers access to student services) Fees may vary, please contact us for more information.
Course length
3 -4 years
NZQA Level 10
Prior experience
7 - 10 years of professional practice experience
Start dates
Monthly intakes
Distance learning
Full-time 20 hours of study per week; part-time 10 hours of study per week

Are you an advanced practitioner ready to make a significant contribution to your sector or community?

Generate substantial original knowledge from and about practices within a professional setting, and combine this with formal disciplinary knowledge. Your new knowledge will inform yourself, your field of practice and your profession. 

You’ll design and achieve new professional and personal learning goals, enabling you to create new knowledge for and about New Zealand’s workplaces through applied practice and research projects.  

The Capable NZ difference

The Capable NZ process centres you and your own career – you’ll reflect on where you’ve come from, where you are now, and where you want to go.

You will:

  • analyse your work and life experiences and skills, and evaluate your strengths and capabilities
  • identify, access and research relevant practice theories, models, tools, frameworks, and reflect on how these might inform and influence your work
  • explore literature relevant to your field of study (academic, practitioner, policy)
  • design research projects using and applying relevant methodological frameworks
  • apply relevant ethical understanding to your research
  • understand, consider and critique the beliefs and values that influence your own professional practices.

One key point of difference with Capable NZ study at this level is that you’ll undertake a series of projects to produce sustainable outcomes that affect or influence others within and beyond your organisation. Projects are expected to result in knowledge creation that adds to your organisation, sector and/or community’s intellectual and structural value, leading to an increase in overall capability.

"It allowed me to correlate exactly what I undertook in my specialist work environment to a field of study and research that benefited my development – as well as adding significant value to my employer."

Aaron Halstead
Master of Professional Practice