Value your experience

Use yours to fast-track your way to a formal qualification.


Have you got work experience, but no qualification to match? Otago Polytechnic recognises that attaining the qualification you deserve can sometimes seem like an unreachable luxury. That’s why we created Capable NZ.

Capable NZ recognises what you already know and supports you to gain a NZQA qualification in record time.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not!

Apply and start any time

Study from anywhere

How to fast track your qualification

  1. Browse our website and see what Capable NZ programmes relate to your work and life experience
  2. Found one that matches? Start your application through Otago Polytechnic
  3. Unsure what's right for you?
    Enquire and we will help you through the process
  4. Graduate with your NZQA qualification from Otago Polytechnic!
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Shirley Kerr

Bachelor of Applied Management.

The recognition of prior learning is just phenomenal and it’s so relevant and so valid. I’d recommend Capable NZ to anyone.