Graduate Diploma in Professional Practice

Are you experienced in your professional field?

Use the real-life experiences from your professional life as rich learning material. You’ll identify a challenge or goal in your work environment to research and then develop and implement an approach for resolving it.  

This qualification is perfect for advancing your professional career. What’s more, you can apply a Graduate Diploma in Professional Practice to virtually any discipline or sector. 

Annual domestic fee: $6,021*  
*Fees are subject to change 

The Capable NZ difference

The Capable NZ process centres you and your own career – you’ll reflect on where you’ve come from, where you are now, and where you want to go.

You will:

  • identify early experiences and influences that have shaped you, and how these relate to your working life
  • analyse your work and life experiences and skills, and evaluate your strengths and capabilities
  • identify, access and research relevant practice theories, models, tools, frameworks, and reflect on how these might inform and influence your work
  • propose and complete a project, carried out in an organisation you work for or with, have a key functional relationship with, or in your self-employment.

One key point of difference with Capable NZ study at this level is that you will undertake an in-depth industry-relevant project. This could be an exploratory study to identify best practice nationally or internationally; the development of a resource or resources for a specific area of practice; or creating proposed guidelines for best practice. Your project is primarily to inform you, however it should also contribute to practice knowledge in your sector.

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"This programme is giving me a chance to do a specialised project to advance knowledge in my workplace, which no one else could offer; and get a recognised qualification for the work. It's a unique framework and course, and very worthwhile."

Jane Robb
Graduate Diploma in Professional Practice
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