Prison educator consolidates experience through Graduate Diploma in Tertiary Education

Learner Stories
13 May 2021
jasmine jones
Jasmine Jones
Graduate Diploma in Tertiary Education

As a new mum wanting to pursue higher education while remaining in work, Jasmine Jones found that Capable NZ ticked all the boxes.

“I knew that I wanted to pursue higher learning, but I felt that there were very few options that gave me the flexibility that I needed to continue to work and be a new mum,” says Jasmine.

She matched her current role as an adult educator in prisons for the last three years with a Graduate Diploma in Tertiary Education.

Through her study she has been able to critically analyse her practice and reflect on the day-to-day challenges within a correctional environment.

“The Capable NZ process recognises that each learner comes with expertise in their specialised field. Working as an educator in prisons is both unique and incredibly rewarding.”

Significantly for Jasmine, the completion of the Graduate Diploma in Tertiary Education has increased her understanding of the importance that adult education theory has on her practice.

“I am also now able to articulate the place that Matauranga Maori has in guiding the way that I work with society's most vulnerable people, supporting them to find empowerment through education.”