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Keren Roberts - Bachelor of Applied Management
Learner Stories
18 April 2024
Despite a thriving corporate career as an executive general manager at ANZ – New Zealand’s largest bank – Keren Roberts always wished she had gained…
Kristina Paehua - Bachelor of Applied Management
Learner Stories
17 April 2024
Capable NZ study enabled Kristina Paehua to rediscover her love of learning and reignited her belief in herself, after traumatic experiences impacted her earlier education.
Downer Māori leaders graduate via Capable NZ pathway
Learner Stories
21 March 2024
A group of Māori leaders at Downer have graduated with bachelor’s degrees from Otago Polytechnic | Te Pūkenga as part of a groundbreaking initiative involving…
Emma Welsh - Bachelor of Applied Management
Learner Stories
11 March 2024
Clinical Placement Coordinator, School of Nursing at Otago Polytechnic 

While working in academic administration, and with 17 years of hospitality management under her belt, Emma Welsh…
John Monu - Bachelor of Applied Management
Learner Stories
11 March 2024
Construction Project Manager, Pritchard Civil Ltd 

After 15 years’ experience working in operational roles in the construction industry, John Monu secured a management position and decided…
Darren Gear - Bachelor of Engineering Technology (Mechanical)
Learner Stories
7 December 2023
Darren Gear completed his Bachelor of Engineering Technology (Mechanical) in 12 months, and is now encouraging others to consider studying with Capable NZ.
Jose Antonio (Joey) Moreno - Bachelor of Engineering Technology – Civil
Learner Stories
31 October 2023
When Jose Antonio (Joey) Moreno chose Capable NZ for growing his career and knowledge, he was able to complete his degree while juggling full-time work…