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Capable graduate helping rural communities
Learner Stories
25 November 2022

A Te Anau Counsellor is using expertise gained through work and study to care for people in rural communities and give them a voice.

Rugby star addresses fellow graduates
Learner Stories
26 October 2022

Vania Wolfgramm says she gained more than she ever anticipated during her Capable NZ journey.

Rediscovering a love of learning
Learner Stories
15 August 2022

The flexibility of Capable NZ’s offerings made a tertiary qualification accessible for Electrician and father Conan O’Boyle.

Facilitator’s in-depth knowledge instrumental for learner
Learner Stories
25 July 2022

John Keogh was impressed by the knowledge and experience of his facilitator as well as the quality of resources provided during his Capable NZ experience.

Gym director establishes himself as industry expert through Capable degree
Learner Stories
17 June 2022

Company director Rowan Ellis has established himself as an expert in his field now that he has completed a master’s degree through Capable NZ.

Converting work experience into a bachelor’s degree
Learner Stories
20 May 2022

Vodafone Technical Specialist, Amanda Classen, has backed up her decades of experience in the telecommunications industry with a management degree.

Capable degree opens doors for electrical engineer
Learner Stories
2 May 2022

Tony Doyle is delighted to finally have a degree to back up his vast industry experience.