Matt Iorangi - Bachelor of Applied Management

Learner Stories
25 June 2024
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After dropping out of high school at the age of 14, Matt Iorangi worked as a labourer until he eventually secured an apprenticeship as a line mechanic working on New Zealand’s national grid.

On-the-job learning and the support of mentors and coaches helped Matt progress in his career, and now he is Group Manager – Capability at Northpower.

Recently, he achieved his Bachelor of Applied Management from Capable NZ – some 30 years after he last engaged in traditional education.

Matt was inspired to study after hearing about the experiences of colleagues who had graduated from Capable NZ.

“The flexible and remote learning approach appealed, because balancing whānau, life, work and study commitments is very important to me,” Matt says.

Having a supportive and dedicated facilitator was another major attraction.

“I often rely on social learning to help me understand, so having that guidance and coaching was valuable to me.”

Despite some initial hesitations due to his experiences at secondary school and his decades out of the education system, Matt took the leap.

“With the support of my facilitator and thanks to the reflective nature of the degree, I was able to confront my self-sabotaging thoughts and reflect on how my experiences have impacted me positively.”

Matt says his Capable NZ study experience was a “transformational journey”.

“It has unlocked so many doors for my personal and professional growth,” he says. “I was able to reflect deeply on my leadership skills and apply the previous learnings that I had gained throughout my career.”

This self-awareness has helped Matt build stronger relationships with his colleagues at Northpower.

“People are central to what I do at Northpower. I’m now more aware of the impact I can have on those around me and their development – and the impact they can have on their whānau and their communities.”

Matt says he would “definitely” recommend Capable NZ due to the flexibility of the study and the mana-enhancing support of the facilitators.

“Don’t wait for the perfect time to study, just do it and open the doors to your future!”