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Joshua (Mozz) Trueman - Bachelor of Applied Management
Learner Stories
10 May 2023
After reflecting on his life and career as part of his Capable NZ studies, Mozz Trueman feels a huge sense of achievement.
Pravir Prasad - Bachelor of Social Services
Learner Stories
27 April 2023
Auckland-based Community Corrections Probation Officer, Pravir Prasad, enrolled with Capable NZ and completed his degree in just ten months.
Peter Apulu - Master of Professional Practice
Learner Stories
13 April 2023

Peter Apulu recently completed his second Capable NZ qualification, a Master of Professional Practice (MPP), and is already planning on starting his third – a…
Rugby player and manager grows through Capable degree
Learner Stories
2 February 2023
A former professional rugby player says he has grown as a leader and as a person thanks to his time studying with Capable NZ.
Capable graduate helping rural communities
Learner Stories
26 January 2023
A Te Anau Counsellor is using expertise gained through work and study to care for people in rural communities and give them a voice.
Rediscovering a love of learning
Learner Stories
15 August 2022
The flexibility of Capable NZ’s offerings made a tertiary qualification accessible for Electrician and father Conan O’Boyle.
Facilitator’s in-depth knowledge instrumental for learner
Learner Stories
25 July 2022
John Keogh was impressed by the knowledge and experience of his facilitator as well as the quality of resources provided during his Capable NZ experience.