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Place-based pedagogies
1 August 2022
Place-based pedagogiesHow might education respond to the Anthropocene and its human-impacted environmental concerns?The impact of human activities on our planet has accelerated since the nuclear…
Facilitator’s in-depth knowledge instrumental for learner
Learner Stories
25 July 2022
John Keogh was impressed by the knowledge and experience of his facilitator as well as the quality of resources provided during his Capable NZ experience.
Fireside Chats: Michelle Te Koeti
Fireside Chats
15 July 2022
Michelle Te Koeti is Ngai Tahu and Ngai Mamoe with strong connections to the West Coast, Canterbury, and Banks Peninsula.
Fireside Chats: Steve Henry
Fireside Chats
8 July 2022
In this podcast, facilitator Steve Henry talks about the value of learning from experience through the Capable NZ model.
Fireside Chats: Dr Hymie Abd-Latif 
Fireside Chats
29 June 2022
In our latest podcast, our facilitator Dr Hymie Abd-Latif shares an inspiring story about one of his learners who incorporated new technology on his family farm.…
Bachelor of Applied Management was the missing link for experienced IT systems manager
Learner Stories
28 June 2022
Jonathon Reuben
Bachelor of Applied ManagementFor several years, Christchurch-based Jonathon Reuben had been researching different options for obtaining a tertiary qualification.
Gym director establishes himself as industry expert through Capable degree
Learner Stories
17 June 2022
Company director Rowan Ellis has established himself as an expert in his field now that he has completed a master’s degree through Capable NZ.