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Significance of Science
19 March 2021

Science can be a large and complex topic. Philosophically, it is about knowledge – and some may say truth.

Graduate Piers Ford finds a new confidence in his career development abilities
Learner Stories
27 May 2021

 Piers Ford is a Quality and Incident Manager with Vector Metering.

History of Artificial Intelligence
Information Technology
15 December 2020

At times, science fiction novels and films have presented an alarmist view of artificial intelligence (AI), featuring scenarios in which machines try to destroy us…

How Covid-19 is changing the IT industry in NZ
Information Technology
23 November 2020

We all acknowledge 2020 has been an unprecedented year, largely due to the emergence of the novel coronavirus, Covid-19.

Professional footballer hones his leadership and management skills with the Bachelor of Applied Management
Learner Stories
24 November 2020

Andrew Durante is a professional footballer with Western Football FC.

Earth Building: Making Structures from Soil
Construction & Sustainability
7 October 2020

Earth building is an environmentally sustainable form of construction which has been around for about 10,000 years – and many ancient earth buildings remain standing…

Four Pillars of Sustainable Construction
Construction & Sustainability
7 October 2020

In New Zealand, there are many reasons for implementing sustainable practices in the construction industry.