Faatalatalasemataeemo (Tala) Fagasoaia - Bachelor of Applied Management / Graduate Diploma in Social Services

Learner Stories
25 June 2024
Tala v2

Faatalatalasemataeemo (Tala) Fagasoaia now has two Capable NZ qualifications – a Bachelor of Applied Management and a Graduate Diploma in Social Services.

Tala is Assistant Warden at the University of Otago’s Toroa House, and says his experience with Capable NZ has been enriching and transformative.

“One of the standout aspects of my time with Capable NZ was the personalised approach to learning,” he says. “The programme allowed me to tailor my studies to fit my unique background and professional goals, which made the learning process more engaging and relevant.”

Before enrolling at Capable NZ, Tala had extensive experience playing professional rugby and a dedication to serving his family and village in Samoa.

Through his studies, Tala was able to leverage his knowledge and skills by relating them to his professional life.

“Capable NZ's model tailors learning plans to individual needs and workplace requirements,” he explains. “This customisation ensured my studies were directly relevant to my role. Capable NZ's work-based learning model has been instrumental in fostering my professional growth and contributing to the success of my workplace.”

Tala says Capable NZ’s flexibility and support help students to excel academically, while accommodating their unique circumstances and challenges.

“Capable NZ is accessible and rewarding, and caters to individuals like me who value practical, hands-on learning experiences over traditional academic approaches,” Tala says. “Based on my experience, especially considering English is my second language, I wholeheartedly recommend Capable NZ to others.”

 Tala says his studies have contributed significantly to his professional and personal growth in many ways, including through enhanced leadership skills, improved organisational skills, refined problem-solving skills and increased confidence.

“My Capable NZ studies have been instrumental in equipping me with the skills, knowledge and self-confidence needed to thrive both professionally and personally.”