Civil engineer leverages prior education alongside work experience to achieve Bachelor of Engineering Technology

Learner Stories
14 July 2020
Civil engineer
Dinesh Budhathoki Bachelor of Engineering Technology (Civil)

Dinesh Budhathoki is a Wellington-based civil engineer. He is currently working for Beca, one of the largest employee-owned professional services consultancy firms in Asia Pacific. He is passionate about his work and firmly believes that one should “never stop learning.”

After finishing high school in his home country, Nepal, Dinesh moved to New Zealand in 2014 to pursue a New Zealand Diploma in Engineering (Civil). While he was still in his last year of study, Dinesh started working as a Wastewater Engineer at CityCare Group. Upon graduating, he took up his current role as a Civil Engineer in Beca and has been in this position since mid-2016.

It was while looking for further study options to aid more in-depth knowledge to his existing engineering qualification and civil engineering experience that he chanced upon Capable NZ. He says, “This was the perfect combination where I was getting my degree from my existing knowledge and my actual civil engineering experience.”

Why Capable NZ?

Dinesh says, “I liked the independence and flexibility in the unique study pattern offered by Capable NZ.” He further adds, the fact that “I was able to get my degree while I was still working full time” was what attracted him to embark on the learner journey yet again!

In his words, “This education style was very effective and reflects the true way of learning for one to succeed in their career.”

How was it different?

To be able to get a degree while being employed and working full time was the single biggest motivation factor for Dinesh. Also, the fact that Capable NZ’s unique learning module is work-based helped him make his decision. He says, “enabling one to learn a life skill, all the practical world examples relating to study requirements that help to get familiar with real-world work, are some of the benefits of studying at Capable NZ.”

Recounting his personal experience, Dinesh says, “I found it very useful and interesting to showcase my work experience to validate the requirements of the selected papers and courses. I learned technical, project management, analytical, time management and design skills from my study to become a professional engineer. Facilitator support and flexibility for the study were some of the other key highlights for me.”

Professionally, how was it beneficial?

Dinesh states that Capable NZ’s work-based learning model has benefited him immensely, both academically and professionally. Some of the benefits as he recounts from the study, “It topped up my engineering qualification level, I have sharpened myself more in job/project management, design and technical/analytical skills in my current role, and I also received a promotion and upgrade in my role.”

He further adds, “It aided more knowledge and academic profile to my existing qualification and increased my competencies in my current engineering role. My work also got a benefit

from this as I am more professionally qualified Civil Engineer which eventually increases my capabilities to do the work and secure more work within the business.”

Dinesh believes that Capable NZ has given him a kick-start to realising his professional/personal aspirations. He not only aims at becoming a senior in his current role but also aspires to be a chartered professional civil engineer internationally. He also wishes to serve his home-country, Nepal, just like he is serving New Zealand by “getting involved with the engineering bodies in Nepal or assisting the government there to implement the engineering knowledge for a better world.”

- Dinesh works as a Civil Engineer at Beca