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Fireside Chats: Dr James Harrison
Fireside Chats
23 September 2022
Dr James Harrison is using his expertise in the area of vocational education to help learners.
Fireside Chats: Rowan Ellis
Fireside Chats
15 September 2022
Rowan Ellis liked the way Capable allowed him to reflect deeply on his past experiences and learn about himself.
Fireside Chats: Michelle Te Koeti
Fireside Chats
15 July 2022
Michelle Te Koeti is Ngai Tahu and Ngai Mamoe with strong connections to the West Coast, Canterbury, and Banks Peninsula.
Fireside Chats: Steve Henry
Fireside Chats
8 July 2022
In this podcast, facilitator Steve Henry talks about the value of learning from experience through the Capable NZ model.
Fireside Chats: Dr Hymie Abd-Latif 
Fireside Chats
29 June 2022
In our latest podcast, our facilitator Dr Hymie Abd-Latif shares an inspiring story about one of his learners who incorporated new technology on his family farm.…