At Capable NZ, we have a Master of Professional Practice (18 months full time) and a Doctor of Professional Practice (3 years full time) if you want to explore your professional practice at a postgraduate level.  

The philosophy of these programmes is on using the real-life experiences from your professional life as rich learning material. Our Master of Professional Practice allows you to identify a challenge or goal in your work environment; this could be developing a new process, entering a new market, responding to stakeholders, fostering innovation or addressing internal organisational culture, for example. You can then research and define this issue, develop an approach for resolving it, and implement processes to achieve your desired outcomes.

If you want to study at the highest level, you may like to consider a Doctoral qualification.  The Doctor of Professional Practice is focused on generating substantial original knowledge from and about practices within a professional setting (such as workplace, voluntary sector, iwi) and combining it with formal disciplinary knowledge. New synthesised knowledge informs the candidate, the organisation, the field of practice and the profession.

Master of Professional Practice graduate Rex Alexander came to Capable NZ with an extensive and varied background in hazard management and safety planning. He says: 

“Capable NZ ticked a few boxes for me, especially with the recognition of prior learning. There was no qualification that suited what I did, so I’d done bits and pieces but had no degree. When I asked if I was too old, Trish said “You’re not in a box are you?” The Master of Professional Practice was more than I thought it would be, more in-depth, more work, more enjoyable. It was fascinating to put the stuff I knew into an academic context and meeting academic rigour. My degree means more as a result. It expanded my thinking from what I was to what this has made me – my professionalism, knowledge and ability to articulate it. Having a Master’s degree has given me greater credibility within the industry. It’s been hugely advantageous and satisfying irrespective of the success of my project.”



Pack of Professional Practice Possibilities

Use our pack of cards as a tool to highlight and inform the decisions made by professional practice learners.