New Zealand Diploma in Business (Accounting) or (Leadership and Management) (Level 5)

“Studying with Capable NZ has been an amazing process, hard at times but really worthwhile.  It allowed me to look at my skills and knowledge and realise my true potential.  It was a different way of learning to what I was used to as I got to use all of my years of work experience to demonstrate my business knowledge. The whole process was really rewarding in all areas of my life.”

Kim Wheeler, Mondelez International

NZ Diploma in Business (Leadership and Management)


Do you want to advance yourself by validating the skills you have?

Are you an operational manager (team leader, supervisor, first line manager)?

If so, you could undertake an Individual Learning Pathway (ILP) to achieve the New Zealand Diploma in Business (Level 5) in either Leadership and Management or Accounting. The NZ Diploma in Business is a qualification that will acknowledge your experience and operational knowledge obtained within your work.  This programme involves a reflective process where you unpack your skills and knowledge from many years of experience.This qualification is awarded to students with recognised knowledge and application in contributing to an organisation’s operational performance. 

People with relevant, substantial experience and learning may be able to obtain all or part of this Diploma via the ILP through Capable NZ. Usually applicants are in current relevant employment or practicing in their chosen field.


How can CAPABLE NZ help you get a NZ Diploma in Business?

Generally, the more experienced you are in your field, the more likely it is that you will find this is the most direct route to your desired qualification as an Independent Learner. However, if there are any gaps in your knowledge and skills we will assist you in identifying the gaps and support you with the resources to upskill and demonstrate new applied learning.

Our skilled facilitators help you explore your own experiential learning, taking an holistic, integrated view of the expected outcomes in the graduate profile of this qualification. In this innovative process, you will identify, demonstrate, articulate and reflect upon the understandings and skills you have developed through your work and other relevant learning experiences. This is an opportunity to explore all aspects of work (paid and unpaid) and shape these into a Practice Framework.

Independent Learning Pathways (ILP)

Are you an operational manager (team leader, supervisor, front line manager)? Perhaps you are involved in making operational decisions on behalf of a business? If so, you could undertake this learning pathway for the New Zealand Diploma in Business through our ILP process. ILP measures your experiential learning, skills and knowledge against an actual qualification. (need link to pathway page).


Want to know more about the NZ Diploma in Business?

As a graduate of the NZ Diploma of Business you will be self-aware, motivated, flexible and an experienced practitioner who will benefit New Zealand business entities.

You will grow in understanding of your general management and leadership practice whilst continuing to learn through the ILP process, and be able to:

  • apply a broad range of generic business knowledge and skills as well as specialised knowledge and skills in your selected field of business
  • articulate the role of your field of business practice 
  • be proactive to changes in the local, national and global business environment
  • demonstrate business competencies including problem solving, decision-making, negotiating, and using technology effectively
  • develop and manage innovative approaches to business practice
  • practice business in a legal, sustainable, ethical and culturally-appropriate manner
  • appreciate the impact of different cultures on business practice in New Zealand 
  • communicate, collaborate and build networks effectively with a diverse range of individuals, teams and organisations
  • gather and select information from a diverse range of sources to inform business practice, take responsibility for your continued learning and career development. 

You will also demonstrate the impacts of internal and external environments on entities as well as having an awareness of Te Tiriti o Waitangi in your own business context.

As a graduate of the NZ Diploma in Business you will be self-directed, working effectively as a learner, and have developed an integrated model of practice inclusive of professional standards and reflective practice.


Accounting graduates 

People with accountancy skills and qualifications are in constant demand for their ability to plan and record the financial performance of every kind of venture. The accounting strand will suit professionals with experience in preparing budgets, monitor business performance against budgets, determine internal controls to minimise financial risk and analyse and interpret financial information to inform decision-making. 

Graduates of the Accounting strand will have the skills and knowledge to be employed in a variety of business entities in accounting roles such as:

  • Finance Administrator
  • Inventory Controller
  • Accounts Receivable/Payable Officer

Graduates may also be able to contribute to community groups in volunteer accounting functions. 


Leadership and Management graduates

All business organisations need highly capable and competent members of a team who demonstrate the potential to lead staff, ensure targets align with strategic objectives, manage projects, and contribute to business planning to achieve high performance and productivity. The Leadership and Management strand will suit professionals with experience leading others to implement activities that lead to high productivity, manage projects within scope, resources and time, and develop a positive workplace culture and team engagement.

Graduates of the Leadership and Management strand will have the skills and knowledge to work or gain employment at an operational level within New Zealand businesses.