Master of Professional Practice

"It allowed me to correlate exactly what I undertook in my specialist work environment to a field of study and research that benefited my development as well as adding significant value to my employer."

Aaron Halstead, Master of Professional Practice

Professional practice is all about you, and your work context.

At Capable NZ, we base our philosophy on using the real-life experiences from your professional life as rich learning material.  Our Master of Professional Practice allows you to identify a challenge or goal in your work environment. You can then research and define this issue, develop an approach for resolving it, and implement processes to achieve your desired outcomes. 

This qualification is perfect for advancing your professional career, while also addressing a significant work challenge. What’s more, you can apply a Master of Professional Practice to virtually any discipline or sector.

How can CAPABLE NZ help you get a Master of Professional Practice?

A Master of Professional Practice requires approximately two years to complete, and is ideal for employees, volunteers, or the self-employed who have a postgraduate qualification and/or relevant professional experience. Both the Master and Graduate Diploma qualifications follow a similar format – the scale and complexity of your work-based project will determine which programme is right for you.

  • Explore cross-disciplinary boundaries and enjoy greater scope, flexibility and application than traditional prescribed postgraduate programmes.
  • Learning is self-paced and occurs within the workplace. Facilitators and academic/professional mentors will support you throughout the whole process.
  • Build a degree around your world. What skills do you need? What would help you to achieve your career or business aspirations? Do you need support in a particular area of your professional practice?

Want to know more about the Master of Professional Practice?

Read more details about the Master of Professional Practice on the Otago Polytechnic website, including information about entry requirements, programme structure and fees.