Graduate Diploma in Tertiary Education

"Overall I'd say that the main thing I got out of the programme was confidence. I was taught how to look deeper, and reflect on what I was already doing. Having done this through the Graduate Diploma, I now know without a shadow of a doubt that I'm delivering quality education programmes to my students in the best possible way."

Joy Hooker, Graduate Diploma in Tertiary Education

Are you working in a tertiary teaching environment, and would you like to?

At Capable NZ, we base our philosophy on using real-life experiences from your professional life as rich learning material.

Pre-requisites: you will need to have (at least) an undergraduate degree or equivalent, and preferably experience in industry or as a professional. 

Independent Learning Pathway (ILP)

ILP is a pathway that suits people who have worked at tertiary level for a number of years but do not hold a tertiary teaching qualification. Teachers with recent primary or secondary teaching qualifications with experience of teaching at this level may also consider taking the ILP pathway. ILP involves gathering evidence of practice experiences and developing case studies to show that you meet the attributes in the Graduate Profile. This pathway could be appropriate if you:

  • Are employed as a teacher at tertiary level (or as a teacher of adults) and have taught for at least ten years full-time (or equivalent full-time)
  • Have taught a range of levels/subjects and/or in a number of locations
  • Have previously been involved in (or currently involved in) developing or redesigning courses or resources
  • Hold a bachelor's degree, or equivalent, or higher qualification
  • Have an ongoing commitment to professional development activities that have enhanced your teaching practices over the years
  • Have worked in industry or the professions for some years
  • Can allocate up to ten months to commit to this process.

How can CAPABLE NZ help you get a Graduate Diploma in Tertiary Education?

Tertiary educators face a variety of complex and challenging issues in the modern learning environment. You are preparing young (and not so young) adults for their future careers - a big responsibility. The Graduate Diploma in Tertiary Education (GDTE) acknowledges the complexities and accepts the challenge.


Assessment is through the development of a portfolio of evidence that shows you meet the attributes listed in the Graduate Profile.

Want to know more about the Graduate Diploma in Tertiary Education?

Read more details about the Graduate Diploma in Tertiary Education on the Otago Polytechnic website, including information about entry requirements, programme structure and fees.