Graduate Diploma in Professional Practice with a context in Occupational Health and Safety

This is a qualification provided for Health and Safety practitioners with many years of experience in health and safety, but with little academic qualification, as a means to achieve 'Graduate' status within the New Zealand Institute for Safety Management (NZISM) accreditation programme.

In the process of achieving this qualification, you will:

  • acknowledge your professional practice
  • integrate and formalise your experience
  • develop higher-level academic learning skills at a graduate level.

The professional benefits of completing the qualification are:

  • clarification and transparency of your status as a Generalist Health and Safety Practitioner
  • achieving NZISM accreditation membership status of 'Graduate'
  • qualifying for the option to list on the Health and Safety Association of New Zealand (HASANZ) register

Programme overview

This is a project-based qualification carried out in an organisation you work for, play a leadership role within, have a key functional relationship with, or you may be self-employed and are using this programme to extend your practice in your field. In some cases, learners may use multiple work and community contexts to complete their learning.

At the end of the 12 months you will have achieved:

  • new learning in your professional field
  • new skills of professional self-reflection
  • increased confidence in your professional practice.

There are three parts to this qualification. The first is a review of your professional learning to date measured against a core body of knowledge recognised for the generalist occupational heath and safety practitioner. The second is an agreement on what new learning you would like to achieve for professional development against the core body of knowledge. The final stage is completing a project designed to capture these new ideas of insights.

To achieve this qualification offered in conjunction with NZISM, you will complete a self-assessment tool prior to enrolment or early in your enrolment in course one. This will identify gaps in your learning and practice, and within the structure of course one you will be able to summarise the new learning that will address these gaps.

Work-based Learning (WBL)
Capable NZ uses the work-based learning (WBL) pathway to help you achieve a Graduate Diploma in Professional Practice. WBL allows you to complete a qualification, in partnership with your employer. You embark upon a project that gives you the competencies you need in order to obtain your graduate diploma, while at the same time directly benefitting your workplace.

Programme structure

There are three courses in the programme:

Course one - Review of Practice

3 months | 30 credits

This review is written as per the guidelines in the Graduate Diploma in Professional Practice Student Guide, and serves to describe, explain and evidence the skills and knowledge you have developed already in your career. Your narrative tells how you acquired your professional skills and will allude also to your personal or community experiences that gave you skills and qualities that contribute to your current practice as an OHS practitioner. It will also identify the gaps you wish to address in your project.

Course two - Learning Agreement

2 months | 15 credits

This course sets out a plan for the project that you will undertake, and is written in line with the template provided. It is expected you will consult internal mentors as required for resources or advice abut your area of exploration and study. Capable NZ facilitators will assist to keep you on track to meet the academic requirements of this course.

Course three - Project

7 months | 75 credits

This project is the new learning that you have already planned in course two. These projects might include:

  •  an exploratory study of a health and safety area; identifying best practice nationally or internationally
  •  developing a resource or resources for a specific area of practice
  •  proposing guidelines for best practice in an area.

Your ideas for your project will be planned at course two and again at the start of course three, when you address specific work timelines. What you propose or develop is primarily to inform you, as it is your qualification; however it should also be written to be potentially useful to your professional body (NZISM) and to contribute to practice knowledge.

If you are interested in completing this programme please complete the general enquiry form here.