Bachelor of Information Technology

Are you an experienced IT professional?

Do you have a solid understanding of the IT industry, and experience across the broad spectrum of the industry including infrastructure and software? With a strong grasp of this fast-changing world, you will have significant experience in your chosen field of expertise but will also have been exposed to many elements of this diverse industry.

You may already be an experience Web Developer, Systems Administrator, Software Developer, Business Analyst, Database Administrator or Computing Services Manager, amongst many others. Most importantly you will be willing to learn new skills as well as successfully demonstrating the learning, skills and knowledge you have already gained through your work.

How can Capable NZ help you achieve the Bachelor of IT?

In a programme between 10 to 18 months you will work with a facilitator to demonstrate that you meet the academic benchmark of a Graduate Profile. This will be through the submission of a portfolio of your work and a presentation to the academic panel. Your portfolio will be a combination of examples of previous work, evidence of skills and learning (for example, certificates from academic or professional qualifications and accreditation) and a completed new learning project that you will work on supported by the College of Enterprise and Development. The requirements of the new learning project will depend on the extent of your prior learning.

Work-based Learning (WBL)
The WBL approach will enable you to demonstrate your new learning through a project that aligns with your current work and activities, providing a relevant and realistic context. As part of this process you will explore with your facilitator areas of expertise, how you developed those skills, and recognise areas of future development that will shape your project.