Marianne Cherrington

Industry openday

I have taught in one form or another all of my adult life, so I was unperturbed about undertaking the GDTE while working full-time, halfway through a PhD.  A celestial Taurean, I was a bull at a gate.

Although I had always engaged in ‘continual improvement’, articulating my reflections through a series of tasks was much more abstruse than I had imagined.  Pointless at first, then utterly transformational.  The GDTE opportunity gave me permission and authority to pause.  Who knew unpacking learning and teaching experience could yield so much?  Hmmm… possibly Jeremy Taylor, my supervisor; I am humbled and grateful for his patience, professionalism and responsive approach.  You don’t know what you don’t know and the GDTE gave me the support and resource to have a new vision of what can be and of my impactful strengths; it strengthened my weaknesses.

If I am afforded the good fortune to teach a room full of diverse, young, talented students, then why waste a minute on the anything that isn’t empowering, courageousness and underpinned with manaakitanga?  Why shouldn’t the lines of teacher and learner be blurred?  We have so much to do.  It is vital that we bring the best of ourselves into every day.  Hey!  Why haven’t you begun your GDTE yet?!

The problems of this world need our full attention; pause, reflect and take audacious action, now!