Thomas Tarurongo Wynne

Thomas Tarurongo Wynne

Turou, Turou, Oromai, Oro mai.

It a journey that started with a question. A question no one had thought to ask me before. A question that led me to the end of a long and well-travelled road and the question was simply this. What do you know and why?

 Finally, someone would value my learning and my experience and finally I was given the scaffold and tools to finish what I had started so many years ago. It was a journey of discovery, of self-reflection, of unpacking and understanding that started with who I was and ended with how did I know what I knew.

The unpacking of my life, or the emptying of the “kete” helped me not only to better understand the skills I had gained through my professional life but also to be able to articulate this academically and to have it measured against academic rigour and attestation.

What did that mean, it meant my life learning and professional experience and prior studies had been validated and summed up in the professional portfolio and the final oral presentation.

It acknowledges your professional journey in ways you could never have imagined and the support given by Otago Polytechnic’s Capable NZ staff made finally gaining a tertiary degree possible.

So, be like the Ocean going Tavake and begin the Capable NZ journey so as you too can arrive at the qualification you always dreamed of. Mei te Tavake rai, ka rere atu tatou ki Avai’ki, mei te moemoea’ia. (And like the Tavake, we will fly to Ava’iki as we dreamed).

Thomas Tarurongo Wynne – (Communications Advisor to the Prime Minister of the Cook Islands.)