Grant Elliott

Grant Elliott

While his Black Caps teammates put themselves to the test against Sri Lanka, star player Grant Elliott celebrated another achievement. His broken arm may have kept him off the sports field, but it meant he could attend graduation. New Zealand cricket superstar and living legend Grant Elliott graduated from Otago Polytechnic, Friday 11 December 2015, with a Bachelor of Applied Management through Capable NZ. South African-born Grant came to New Zealand for a lifestyle change, and to chase his dream to be an international cricket player. He currently plays for the Wellington Firebirds and the Black Caps.

“I always wanted to get a degree and started doing a Bachelor of Commerce when I was 19, but then professional cricket took over. The Bachelor of Applied Management through Otago Polytechnic has helped me realise I have skills that are transferable for when I do make the transition from sport, and the knowledge that I can achieve and progress in any job I choose. That confidence for sports people is very important because you end up playing the game for 20 years and it’s scary to make that transition. But this course has helped me to embrace that transition whenever I chose to do that,” says Grant Elliott.

"It was a really refreshing process. I think when you’re doing reflective learning and with practical experience you can see the outcomes. For me it’s definitely something that stays with you, the learning process, as opposed to learning just theory out of a book. I was always felt that I learned the theory and it would go in the one ear and out the other. Whereas this was applying the theory and doing it in a practical experience. So it’s something that stays with you for a long time and is tangible. You can see the decisions you’re making and the outcomes."

"The key learning was in terms of the decisions you make being based on the values that you have. It’s very important that whatever you undertake after sports or in life that your values align to what you want to do."

“The Bachelor of Applied Management has given me the confidence to enjoy my cricket more as well so I can go out there and enjoy the sport for what it is, and play it with a smile on my face instead of dreading what might happen after my sporting career is over,” says Mr Elliott.