Kerri Oliver

Kerri Oliver

Kerri Oliver

Bachelor of Social Services (2018)

Senior Support Worker and Advocate – Women’s Refuge

Currently a Senior Support Worker at Women’s Refuge, Kerri Oliver is a long-time advocate for women and children.

Her tireless work involves supporting women and their children in the community who suffer from domestic violence.

She spent six years with Te Whare Pounamu Women’s Refuge as Residential Manager, a role that including supporting women as they entered a safe house, attending appointments with lawyers, doctors and other professionals.

She learned that domestic violence has many victims, including children and extended family and friends.

Kerri has also had extensive experience as an Early Childhood Education Advocate, educating parents and encouraging them to enrol their children.

She has also delivered parenting programmes at the Otago Corrections Facility, educating groups of male prisoners about the effects their incarceration has on their children.

She also came to learn that every prisoner has their own story to tell, that many aren’t born bad, and that prisoners need education and support in order to re-enter society.

Now back at Women’s Refuge as an Advocate, Kerri is continuing her passion for helping others.

Kerri’s career includes the following highlights:
> Tireless work supporting women and their children in the community who suffer from domestic violence
> Residential Manager of Te Whare Pounamu Women’s Refuge
> Early Childhood Education Advocate
> Delivering parenting programmes at Otago Corrections Facility
> Women’s Refuge Senior Support Work and Advocate