Capable NZ Pathways

Capable NZ enables you to have your knowledge and skills measured against an actual qualification, and gain a qualification through your workplace. We also offer employers assistance in developing and training their staff.

Independent Learning Pathway (ILP)

ILP is an assessment of your existing learning against a whole qualification using the academic benchmark of a Graduate Profile. Through critical reflection and self-assessment learners progress on a journey of learning and personal development. Two pathways are possible: full or partial.

Use our Self-Assessment tool to find out if Capable NZ is for you Use our Self-Assessment tool to find out if Capable NZ is for you

Once you complete the questionnaire, we’ll be able to tell you immediately whether you would benefit from an ILP process. If so, then just fill in the online form with your contact details and we’ll be in touch shortly to begin the next step in the process.

Identifying your knowledge Identifying your knowledge

You'll work with highly-skilled facilitators to identify and demonstrate skills and knowledge you've developed through your career to date. This review of prior learning will clarify the amount of new learning required. If a greater amount of new learning is required you'll work with your facilitator to create a learning plan. Skills gaps identified will be addressed through learning tasks set to match the graduate outcomes required.

Facilitation Facilitation

During this stage, your Capable NZ facilitator will guide you through group workshops and/or one-on-one work so that you can fully demonstrate the knowledge you’ve gained from your work and life experiences and significant work projects. Usually, you will prepare an oral presentation backed up with written material in the form of an Evidence Portfolio which includes the preparation of (minimum) two case studies which addresses the Graduate Profile outcomes. Your facilitator will advise you on collecting evidence that confirms your experience which may include relevant attestations or testimonials. You will also be required to research frameworks and models of practice related to your target qualification, providing academic written structure to your experiential learning. As part of your writing you will be required to demonstrate the implications of Te Tiriti o Waitangi within your working context. We put you forward for assessment only when we agree that you are ready. Meet our facilitators.

Assessment Assessment

You will make an oral presentation to a panel of assessors (including academic and industry specialists), and support your presentation with an Evidence Portfolio that includes an agenda, overview of the presentation, attestation, written case study material and ‘evidence’ from your work history. You’ll be required to answer questions from the panel. At the end, the assessors will let you know whether or not you’ve been successful in achieving the requirements of the Graduate Profile by demonstrating your current skills and learning along with the new learning undertaken to complete the qualification. If so, the panel will write up a report that records the qualification achieved.

Work-based Learning (WBL)

WBL turns traditional education on its head. Instead of focusing on an ‘off-the-shelf’ course, we start with you and your workplace.

Assessment of Prior Learning (APL) Assessment of Prior Learning (APL)

This process looks at current skills and learning acquired through life and work experience, measuring them against the Graduate Profile for the chosen qualification. Please see the section above for details of how APL works.

Identifying your knowledge Development of a learning agreement

Work together with your employer and Capable NZ to determine your new learning priorities, target qualification, and the academic pathway for reaching it. You’ll need to agree detailed timelines and research / learning methodologies, which may include a combination of online lessons, work-based projects and professional / academic mentoring. Your employer will need to be clear about his/her commitment to support and enable your learning. A Capable NZ facilitator will support you through this learning process and, additionally, other expert mentors may be appointed to help.

Assessment Presentation of learning

As you work towards your goal, you’ll present evidence of your new learning to your facilitator. You may have to complete work-based presentations (if they were included in the learning agreement), where you demonstrate how your new knowledge and learning may be applied to your organisation.

Businesses and Organisations

We offer a range of Capability Development programmes and services to help you maximise efficiency, increase profits and grow your business or organisation through developing your biggest asset - your people. We have worked with many organisations nationwide to drive cultural change and help create high-performing teams. Growing the leadership and teamwork skills of your employees is key to business success.

Capable NZ works on the principle that the world of work is an extremely rich learning environment. We support businesses in meeting their strategic goals, and expanding their 'bottom line', through workforce training and development. Your staff can also take the opportunity to gain certificates, diplomas, degrees and postgraduate qualifications with the flexibility of customised work programmes. We offer a range of services that benefit both you and your staff, including:

Read more about how Capable NZ can help your organisation or business

Assessment of Prior Learning (APL) Assessment of Prior Learning (APL)

Enable your staff to gain a formal qualification that recognises their years of experience - and see their commitment and motivation soar. Find out more about APL above.

Work-based Learning (WBL) Work-based Learning (WBL)

Get your employees to embark on a project that both directly benefits your company and gives them a qualification upon completion. Find out more about WBL above.

Capability Development Capability Development

Give your team 'the edge' over the competition. Work together to build the skills essential for successful teamwork - such as leadership, communication, and conflict management. We help you develop high-performing teams or individuals within your business. Find out more

Capable Māori Services

Within Capable NZ we provide a service specifically for those who live and practise tikaka Māori - and the Iwi and Māori organisations that support them.