Graduate Diploma in Adventure Tourism Management

Want to gain a qualification that reflects your experience and learning in a cornerstone sector of New Zealand tourism?

New Zealand's prominence in providing adventure-based activities has undoubtedly shaped its reputation as the adventure capital of the world. As the market matures and grows, there is a greater need for qualified employees with a sound understanding of the unique aspects of adventure tourism, particularly with regard to health and safety, risk management and sustainability.

This exciting qualification (developed in partnership with CrossLearningNZ) is the only one of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere. The Graduate Diploma in Adventure Tourism Management is awarded to students with recognised skills as an experienced practitioner in this specialised area of management. Usually applicants wishing to achieve this graduate diploma via Independent Learning Pathways (ILP) through Capable NZ are in current relevant employment or practicing in this specialised field.

Please note, Adventure Tourism Management is also a specialty/major option in the Bachelor of Applied Management.

Are you an experienced manager in adventure tourism?

Our ILP process provides learners with an opportunity to grow professionally in competence and confidence. The process of reflecting upon experience can also offer valuable personal development as well as enabling you to gain a qualification.To apply to complete this programme via Capable NZ, you should be experienced in all or some of the following.

  • The application of specialised knowledge and skills of the adventure tourism management sector, along with abilities for adapting and/or generalising these to other business fields.
  • The application of a broad range of business skills, principles and practices, including risk management and safety in the working environment.
  • Maintaining currency and adapting as needed with regard to health and safety regulatory environments.
  • The application of sustainability principles in the context of adventure tourism management.

It is possible for learners to achieve this qualification via two unique pathways; Independent Learning Pathways (ILP) or Work-based Learning (WBL).

Independent Learning Pathways (ILP)
ILP is an internationally-recognised, academically valid way of acknowledging the learning, skills and knowledge that individuals have gained through their extensive experience. Skilled facilitators help you explore your own experiential learning, taking an holistic, integrated view of the expected outcomes in the graduate profile of this qualification. In the innovative ILP process, you will identify, demonstrate, articulate and reflect upon the understandings and skills you have developed through your work and other relevant learning experiences. This is an opportunity to explore all aspects of work (paid and unpaid) and shape these into a Practice Framework.

Work-based Learning (WBL)
The WBL approach will enable you to demonstrate your new learning through a project that aligns with your current work and activities, providing a relevant and realistic context. As part of this process you will explore with your facilitator / academic mentor areas of expertise, how you developed those skills, and recognise areas of future development that will shape your new learning project.