Capable Training

Your Training and Development Department

Data Driven & Evidenced Based Training and Development

Too often professional training and development misses the mark. While research continues to point this out, organisations continue to waste precious time, resources and energy on training methods that are simply ineffective and out of date.

At Capable Training, we’re bringing Training and Development into the 21st century. We work with organisations to turn staff potential into performance through the design of data driven and evidenced based training and development experiences.

Allow the voice of your staff and customers to drive development to areas that are going to add the greatest value to your business objectives.

Allow your staff to work with specialists in applied, work based learning and develop their capabilities in programmes that are learner centred, performance focused and proven to maximize transfer of learning.

Allow Capable Training to partner with you to become your Training and Development department and together we’ll turn the potential of your staff into performance.